Explosives and Safety Sweeps

We provide explosive safety sweeps for businesses, educational institutions and any special event. Our dogs are trained to respond and indicate the presence of most commonly used explosive devices. Call us today, or submit a quote request for more information!

Detection Services

We can come to your home or business, and have our trained dogs search for explosives and narcotics. All information found is confidential! Provide a safer work environment for your employees, or for your guests at your location or special event.

Bed Bugs

Dogs have been used for their excellent sense of smell in many different fieldd, varying from Narcotics, explosives to tracking down scent trails left by people. And it is becoming a popular way to use dogs for the detection of bed bugs. As the dogs have found to be extrememly successful in detecting bed bugs in residential and commercial structures.

Mold Detection

Provide a healthier work or living environment! Our dogs are also trained to detect the presence of mold. What you cannot see can hurt you and others, but our dogs can help you prevent the countless health issues that arise as a result of the presence of mold in your property.