Law Enforcement & Police K-9

Law Enforcement & Police K-9

We sell green dogs that have the drives and temperament to be highly effective patrol, detection, or dual purpose dogs. Also, we sell fully trained dogs (service ready).

Nightwinds specializes in finding "green" or untrained dogs that have the potential to do police work for departments that have their own training programs or do training at other facilities.

Our Green dogs have been thoroughly tested for their drive, temperament and courage. They will do basic aggression work, have basic obedience and have been exposed to variables slick floors, gunfire, other loud noises, enclosed spaces and night activity. The green dogs will also possess strong retrieve and hunt drives and all the necessary traits for detection work.

Nightwinds patrol dogs are trained in obedience, tactical obedience, agility, handler protection, apprehension, area searches and building searches.

Narcotics Dogs

Nightwinds Narcotic Detection Dogs are trained to alert for the odor of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. These dogs can be trained to alert to the odors with either a passive or aggressive response. The dogs will be trained to alert to these odors in a variety of places, such as vehicles, luggage, mail packages, cargo, airplanes, residences and businesses.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Nightwinds Narcotic Detection Dogs are trained to alert, with a passive response, to the most commonly used explosive odors used today.

Dual purpose dogs

Nightwinds dual purpose dogs are trained in patrol work and then cross trained in either narcotic or explosive detection.

Security Patrol Dogs

Training dogs for patrol goes beyond the usual officer training. Nightwinds trains dogs for use in hospitals, prisons and other industrial complex organizations. Dogs are trained for work with security guards for patrol duties. Nightwinds can work with your specific needs to create a patrol dog that meets your business security requirements.

Hospital Security

Nightwinds trains Hospital Security Dogs to provide security for the hospital's employees, patients, and visitors. These trained dogs are proving to be a substantial deterrent to crime and a great public relations tool in the hospital environment.

Hospital Security dogs are carefully selected for their drives to perform the patrol aspect of the job, and also for their temperament to work with and around employees, patients and visitors.