Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection

All our dogs are imported from Europe, Brazil or Mexico, and have all the drives & temperament to be personal protection dogs for your home and family. They are family friendly, but are always ready to act upon command.

At Nightwinds, we are trained to evaluate your situation and/or your dog to suggest a plan specifically designed for you and your family. We will explain the various types of protection available and suggest a dog which can handle the rigors of your type of protection work.

One of the most important features of having a protection dog is the dog itself. Many people do not realize that not every dog is qualified to do protection work. Protection work requires that a dog can be obedient and submissive to its master but will still assume a protective position, as well as stand down from attack on command.

For example, a personal protection dog is trained to protect you upon verbal command. Your dog can be trained to just scare, using bark and demeanor, or it can be trained to attack. Another important feature of a personal protection dog is the use of commands to stop an threat. You must have complete control over an attack situation to prevent harm to innocent people or to the dog itself. We believe a dog must have a strong foundation of obedience before beginning protection work in order to ensure your safety and the safety of the dog.

In contrast to personal protection dogs, commercial protection dogs are trained to attack trespassers or intruders without commands. These dogs must have a strong need for dominance and aggression in order to protect a property without any distraction.